In an effort to identify and shine a spotlight on emerging exemplary CCSS-aligned lesson and unit plans, Achieve launched and is facilitating the EQuIP Peer Review Panel – a group of expert reviewers who will evaluate the quality and alignment of lessons and units to the CCSS. Lessons and units that are identified as “Exemplars” and “Exemplars if Improved” will be posted on Achieve’s website and shared with Achieve’s network of state educators, policy leaders and partners in order to provide educators access to a shared set of high-quality instructional materials. If you or your state, district, school or organization has developed exemplary lessons or units aligned to the CCSS, please consider submitting these instructional materials for review by the EQuIP Peer Review Panel in order to provide educators across the country with various models and templates of high quality and CCSS-aligned lesson and unit plans. The objective is not to endorse a particular curriculum, product, or template, but rather to identify lessons and units that best illustrate the cognitive demands of the CCSS.

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The information you should have ready to make a submission

For ELA/literacy lessons or units:

  • information about analysis on the complexity of the text used in the lesson/unit for any texts used in the lesson/unit including both qualitative and quantitative measures.

    For additional information on selecting text(s) that measure within the grade-level text complexity band and are of sufficient quality and scope for the stated purpose, see The Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts/Literacy at; and the Supplement for Appendix A: New Research on Text Complexity as well as Quantitative and Qualitative Measures at See The Publishers’ Criteria for Grades K-2 and the same for Grades 3-12 at

  • the text(s) in the attachment if the text(s) is not embedded within the instructional materials. (If text is embedded within the lesson, ensure that appropriate permissions have been secured).

For mathematics lessons or units:

  • list the Mathematical Practice(s) that are fully addressed in the lesson/unit.

For both types of lessons or units:

  • The completed electronic rubric feedback form(s) used to evaluate the lesson/unit.   If multiple forms were used please combine the forms so you can upload them as a single attachment.